Every restaurateur knows the feeling of hearing about a brand new service that sounds fantastic only to get hit with a pang of "oof" when you get the first round of quotes.

Well, that's not the case with Poex. From inception to launch and for all the time after, we've been focused on helping create not only a powerful system for marketing and operations, but also an affordable one.

Learn more about just a few of the enhancements we can contribute to your business.

Online Ordering

Are you one of the 37% of restaurants offering online ordering? Make it simpler than ever to share your ordering sites by capitalizing on the customers that are already frequenting your location.


Your menu is quite literally your bread and butter. Give not only your most loyal of customers the ability to easily view your menu online, but also the foot traffic that moves past your location at any given time.

Ready for the best part? By utilizing our Dots in lieu of traditional paper menus you’ll be saving hundreds of dollars every year.