Any business owner, marketer, manager, or employee knows that getting a customer to actually act on a campaign or call-to-action is difficult, at best. That’s made even worse when your business requires a considerable of retail customer engagement.

With Poex, we’ll help you get from “Please consider filling out our customer survey by going to this link, clicking on this button, and entering this 16 digit code.” to “Holy sh*t, we got 5 customer surveys and 3 five-star reviews.”


Poex doesn't always have to be reinventing your marketing, our products can also help improve the tried-and-true methods of sandwich boards, posters, and guerilla marketing. By sticking one of your Poex dots to your chosen medium, you'll tech-ify even the most classic campaigns.

Customer Surveys

We help make it easy for businesses to gather feedback on products, events, services, or customer experience. With simply a touch customers will be able to respond to any of surveys or polls without having to type in a single thing.

Product Information

Small catalogue? We’ll help direct customers to engage with your product in-store by tapping for more information. In doing so, your customers can get a more in-depth explanation of your products. For those businesses that offer shipping or pickup in-store, Poex will help encourage your customers to purchase your items at a later date.