Our vision

Poex is connecting the digital world to the physical by creating opportunities for people and brands to provide a direct point of entry to the content they want to share most. We use near field communication technology which allows for end-to-end encrypted and non-trackable actions (“poex”) to become completely safe, every-day interactions. Each Poex product stores the information locally, requires no batteries or energy input, and cannot be rewritten once created. This allows for individuals to “set & forget” their chosen products, while consistently garnering the rewards of their product.

Unlimited Possibilities

The near unlimited opportunity for creativity when using Poex products allows for applications spanning the breadth of not only the business world but also the personal space. Whether you’re a brand looking to create a direct call to action for a loyalty program or in-store menu, or an individual looking to more easily share contact information at a networking event - Poex has a way to help.