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Nope! All Poex products require absolutely zero charging or batteries. 

Nope! Poex is natively supported by almost all major phone carriers. That means you don't need an app and we don't have to develop one. We call that a win-win.

There's a few reasons we utilize poex.us to redirect for your links. Primarily, this is done to allow for your Poex product to have it's link changed if you choose to direct traffic elsewhere. So, if you decide to change your facebook username your Poex product won't be rendered unusable. Secondly, it allows for the utmost security of your device. We employ SSL protection to each and every one of the links directed through Poex.

Yep! Because of our "poex.us" link system, you can link your Poex product to another URL. Simply reach out to a member of our team via email or live chat and we'll help get everything sorted.

Those stickers are how we keep track of setting up your Poex fob. Feel free to keep them or remove them!

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As of right now, we ship anywhere within the continental United States.

You will receive your items within 3 days placing your order.

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